7 Best Sites to Read Online Comics

Those days are gone when you needed to go to the market to get comic books. You don’t have any need to make physical efforts for reading recent Wonder Women or the Avengers storyline. There are many minor and significant comic book publishers that release comic books in various formats. These can be used on tablets, smartphones, and computers.

A number of options are available there for reading Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man. They are available online. You can read Naruto manga on your iOS smartphone now.

  • Comixology

It is one of the biggest available online comics stores. In 2009, Comixology began to sell digital books. After that, it swiftly became one of the most famous locations for purchasing and reading out online comics. Some of the publishers like Marvel Comics and DC give away famous series on Comixology. Many small publishers are there on the platform.

The purchased books can be read on any of the browsers.

  • Amazon’s Kindle

Amazon has many new and traditional comic books that are readily available in collections. All sort of digital books can be read on Kindle e-reader. There are times when Amazon offers many online comic solutions. It can be done by some self-published comic books even if independent publishers have uploaded them.

  • Marvel Digital Comics Shop

Marvel makes so many comic novels which are available here on Amazon and Comixology. The publishing company will be running digital storefront that exclusively focuses on one primary series.

They also sell out digital comic books. Some of the business acquisitions may also be known through the established “Marvel Comics” application. It can be ideal especially for those who do not understand the comics. Books on Star Wars are also available.

  • Marvel Unlimited

It is a monthly agreement which provides the subscriber access to more than 20,000 books. It is a separate service from Marvel Digital Comics Shop. It uses some apps of its own for the Android and iOS devices. For all the browsers, there is a web reader. There is a vast library of traditional and modern comic book series of Marvel.

  • DC Universe

It is similar to the DC Universe. It is specially made for fans of DC Comics. You can watch no of movies, cartoon and TV series that are based on individual characters such as Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman.

  • Line WebToons

It is an online comics store that is created for the mobile generation. It is identical to Instagram TV or Snapchat. Each of the comic books can be used on a smartphone that is having panels. These can be read offline and online for free. Several genres can be explored ranging from comedy, sports, fantasy to romance. All of the books that are available are free of cost. It is different from other publishers.

  • eManga.com

Users can read and download manga with eManga. All of the series are officially sold on eManga. It can be downloaded in various formats. The collection available is excellent.

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