How to Find Out When a Website was Published

Websites prove to be an excellent source of information ranging from rocket science to a simple cooking recipe. You can research an ample number of topics and can get to know the secrets of life.

But you should also consider the fact that there are new advances and discoveries made on a daily bases, and information becomes obsolete in no time. Accessing the publication date of a website can prove to be an excellent source to determine the date on which the article or blog was published and can assure the user that the information that he is going through is fresh and up-to-date.

Most of the time the publishing date of an article or blog is mentioned under the author’s name, but a lot of times it is seen that the publishing date of the blog is hidden to make it seem fresh and new. But you still can access the date of publishing by scanning the page carefully.

Scan the web page to determine the publication date

  1. Various news blogs and articles prefer to include the publishing date underneath the author name or the title headline. You should try to spot the date underneath the main heading of the news blog or underneath the image if there is an image attached.
  2. There is a possibility that some breakthrough may have occurred in the news story and it may have been updated once or twice after the publication, in such case try to look for a disclaimer at the bottom of the article verifying the upgradation of the blog.
  3. There can be a possibility of a date being mentioned in the URL of the website.  Various bloggers auto fill the date of publishing on which the blog was written. In such a case, assure that you are on the targeted site and then look at its URL. Some writers include the complete date and some uses only the month of the year, so try to spot the date and confirm the date of publication.
  4. If you are unable to locate the date by above methods, you can refer to the date of the comments of the blog. After scanning the entire blog or article if you still are unable to verify the date of the article on which it was published, you can opt of checking the date of the comments.

Although it is an unreliable method, you can still look for the earliest comment in the comments section and check its date. You can get a rough estimate concerning which date was the blog posted.

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