Find Out Why Microsoft Office Is Known as An Automation Tool?

Office automation includes PC hardware and software which is used to create carefully, gather, store, control, and relay office data which is required for completing basic tasks. Unwanted information access, electronic exchange, and the administration of dynamic business data make up the fundamental activities of an office automation system. Office automation helps in automating the MS Office procedures which are existing.

The base of Office automation is a LAN, which enables users to exchange information, mail and even voice over the system network. All office features, including transcription, composing, documenting, duplicating, fax, Telex, microfilm and records management, phone and phone switchboard activities, fall into this classification.

Specification of Office Automation:-

  • Office automation can help in accomplishing various assignments faster.
  • It removes the requirement of a large staff.
  • Less storage capacity is required to store information.
  • Many people can update their information at the same time in case of changes in schedule.

What is Microsoft Office Automation?

Microsoft office automation is a suite of programs which include excel, word, powerpoint, access, outlook, etc. It helps in completing the work efficiently because it stores data in users computer system and it helps in finding storage information from your computer system.

Know about Microsoft Office provided Automation tools:-

Below we have provided some examples of automation tools which are provided by Microsoft Office.

Know about Microsoft Word:-

  • You can make documents which can get information from another system to occupy drop-down boxes, etc.
  • You can create documents which are admissible before the system lets the user save the document
  • Create documents that upon saving can keep the information on the record in a database
  • generate the documents which can pop up and format an Outlook email with data from the document to be sent out without saving any information.

Know about Microsoft Outlook:-

  • Make any customized forms which can be accepted before sending to another person/group
  • Create customized forms which can save your information on the way to an Excel spreadsheet or database.

Know about Microsoft Access:-

  • Create any custom programs to find any data which is required for your company such as Appointments, Contacts, Employees, Expenses, Service, Human Resources, Ordering, Inventory, Telemarketing, Engineering, Sales, etc.
  • Create Word file on the fly to send letters, envelopes and custom reports based on data in a database
  • Create functionality which can open a Word template to fill the document with any information, print the document and save the document with the help of a single button.
  • Create functionality which can open an Excel spreadsheet and resettle it with information as well as determine where to insert/delete rows if you want to save the methods intact.

Know about Microsoft Excel:-

  • Create worksheets in excel that have to be accepted before the system lets the client save the sheet
  • Create spreadsheets which can get information from another system (i.e., database) to complete drop-down boxes, etc
  • Create company expense report that protects the data into a database for summary/analysis purposes
  • Combine data from multiple Excel spreadsheets/worksheets to create a new formatted Excel spreadsheet
  • Create automation that can open a master spreadsheet with many tabs and determine which of the tabs (single or multiple) need to be populated with data and which tabs need to be removed from the spreadsheet if they aren’t required
  • Create automation to eliminate people having to rekey/message/format data.

Some Additional Automation programs of Microsoft Office:-

Custom Software:-

  • You can make software to save anything from any workplace such as- accounting, production, sales, telemarketing, ordering, customer, employee, evaluation, appointment, and service information into a database.
  • You can make information automation which can get your data from data files (TXT, CSV, etc.) and populate another file/database with the information.

Adobe Acrobat automation within Microsoft Office Programs:-

  • You can automate the process by receiving an editable PDF file, resettling in the document by using information from an existing document/database and save the PDF with a single click of a button.
  • You can automate the process of using multiple PDF files and merging all in a particular order and saving it in a new PDF with by clicking on a single button.
  • You can automate the process of extracting a section of a PDF file and shifting it into a new or existing PDF file.

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