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Customer support is the delivery of outstanding service to clients prior, during, and even after a sale. The “psychological perception of success” of these interactions depends largely on how employees “can adapt themselves to the persona of the customer”. The history of customer support is a chronicle of people being turned away from products they needed or didn’t want, and left frustrated and often angry. Today, many businesses offer quick, easy solutions to problems customers may encounter, such as online chat or phone support. However, what is often overlooked is how these services can enhance the interaction between the client and business.

Knowledge Base: How does CRM software automate customer support? By installing an automation platform, companies can increase their knowledge base in terms of products, features, and services. With this information, they can provide more personalized customer support. The increased knowledge also increases customer satisfaction, which is important for retention. Businesses that have a well-staffed knowledge base are able to provide personalized services to clients, which, in turn, results in higher satisfaction.

Self-Service: Automation is not enough. Today’s businesses must provide customers with the ability to contact them and interact with them every step of the way. Through chat or phone support, which can be done while in the office, customers can stay in touch with their representative while on vacation or sick. If a representative can manage multiple phones at once, that is even better. Not only is it more efficient, but it’s easier to stay in touch with one another. It’s human nature to feel like you need human help when you’re overwhelmed by tasks.

Empathy: When you provide personalized customer support, customers feel like you truly understand them. This breeds trust and loyalty. When your system allows customers to contact you via chat, email, telephone, or video, you are giving your customers the freedom to contact you anytime they want. While this may seem like a lot of freedom, it creates an environment where you are accessible and, ultimately, trustworthy.

Language Support: It’s important that your customer service system provides a consistent, high-level language support. This is critical. Customers don’t like getting lost when trying to do business with you. While having the highest-quality service doesn’t always require language support, having good language support can make a significant difference. If you can offer your customers a language interface where they can contact you at any time of day and night, even during the middle of the night, that greatly increases your company’s efficiency.

Ease of Use: Integrating technical support solutions with customer support is important. Your customers may need to do a number of things at once, which can make it difficult for your representatives to keep track of all of their calls. It’s imperative that they are able to use your software applications with ease, since being able to use them effectively will reduce the amount of time they spend troubleshooting problems and will increase their satisfaction with your customer support. Make sure that your software suite includes easy to use customer support tools such as online tutorials, live chat, and phone video support.

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