Selling on Amazon Business – What You Need to Know

Amazon Business is an expanding platform offering businesses access to an expansive selection of industry supplies at tax-exempt pricing, automated VAT invoicing and credit control features.

Business accounts feature a flexible purchase-management hub where administrators can set up and manage purchasing groups, permissions, approval procedures and spending limits as well as provide analytics and reporting options.

Easy to set up

An Amazon Business account is a free program that enables registered businesses to save both time and money with discounts, tools, and procurement solutions from Amazon. Creating one is straightforward with valid email address; verification may take up to 24 hours but to speed things along faster, you may provide documents such as tax ID or official address verification as proof of identification for quicker approval.

A main administrator can customize an account with payment methods, shipping addresses, approval workflows and reporting options that best suit their business. They can also authorize multiple users on one account at once as well as download order history reports. Finally, this account can integrate with various procurement systems like BirchStreet or Oracle iProcurement for seamless ordering experience.

Amazon Business also features Guided Buying, which provides procurement rules in visual form to help buyers. This can increase compliance while decreasing time spent answering employee inquiries. Furthermore, there’s an analytics feature which offers insight into purchasing patterns.

Easy to manage

FBA businesses must pay special attention to inventory management. A strong system will help determine when, what, and how much to reorder as well as cutting operational costs by decreasing lead times and negotiating better prices from suppliers.

Amazon business accounts offer flexible payment solutions and purchasing solutions for registered businesses, from adding credit cards, ACH or wire information, assigning users with specific permissions, creating multiple groups with distinct approval workflows and accessing purchasing analytics.

Before purchasing your Amazon business, potential buyers will perform due diligence – this involves third-party verification of financials, as well as in-depth research into risks and growth opportunities within your business. The results of due diligence will ultimately decide the purchase price you receive; while your Advisor can create a Marketing Package as an in-depth presentation for potential buyers to see.

Easy to ship

If you’re selling on Amazon Business, there are a few key considerations you need to remember. When shipping products directly to customers, two methods exist for you – merchant fulfillment (shipping yourself) or Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). With FBA, Amazon warehouses select, pack and deliver directly to the customer – making VAT invoicing and credit management simpler as well.

This platform gives businesses access to millions of business-specific products designed to boost sales and revenue, as well as special pricing perks such as bulk discounts and recurring delivery discounts, set purchase preferences and track spending habits, arrange palletized deliveries that arrive directly at your door or dock by authorized carriers, list seller credentials for small business or minority/female ownership to gain visibility with buyers, analytics/reporting for your business and more.

Easy to track

As an Amazon business seller, there are various ways you can track sales data. Your Sales Dashboard offers real-time visibility of sales figures or you can view reports sorted by date or ASIN.

These reports can assist in making informed business decisions. You can track inventory quickly with the Inventory Manager and quickly reorder items using this feature. Furthermore, detailed analyses on product performance such as sales trends and profit margins are also provided here.

Amazon Business makes setting up regular orders of office supplies or janitorial products easy, saving both time and money. Plus, PayPal and credit cards offer convenient payment options – returns can also be quickly processed into QuickBooks for easy processing.

Business customers of Amazon enjoy all of the same features of regular Amazon, plus additional benefits like free storefronts and discounts on millions of products, bulk buying options and tax-exempt purchasing privileges if eligible.

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