Free Microsoft Office Apps on the Android Market

An office is usually a room, building or other space where all the employees of an organization do administrative work to support and realize goals and objects of the company. It is the place where transactions take place, works are carried out and all the official communication is done. Thus, it becomes necessary to have a good quality and functional set up of an office.

Office is derived from the Greek word “oikos”, which means dwelling. Office furniture usually consists of a desk, chair, writing surface (also called podium), one or more computer workstations and other accessories. In modern times, the word “office” refers to both a building site and an office or workplace. The meaning of the word “office” has changed a lot since ancient times. In ancient days, an office meant simply a dwelling or residence. Therefore, if you were living in a town, then you would have an office there.

Nowadays, the meaning of the word “office” has changed a lot due to the introduction of various other terms and concepts. Office is no longer a term used for business concerns only. In today’s world, an office is not just a place where you work but also a place where you live. The term onedrive has come up in recent years because people have started to realize that having an online email, a web browsing facility and even a web-mail can be very functional and efficient.

Onedrive is a word processor application developed by Microsoft. This popular Microsoft Office tool is available free as a download on the Microsoft Office downloads web site. This handy little word processor app is a word processor that is equipped with features that a typical word processor does not have, such as a document viewer and an address book. Microsoft has also integrated a number of important tools like Microsoft Office Web Services, which makes Onedo more interesting as a business tool.

When it comes to features, Onedo is actually much more flexible than Microsoft Office Suite software, as it also comes with Calendar, Document Viewer, Presentation and Microsoft Works. If you are looking for a robust word processor that is capable of rendering high quality graphics and presentations, then you should definitely consider Onedo as your suite software. Although the price is a tad higher than the regular Microsoft Office suite, Onedo delivers all the performance that you expect from any good quality word processor. There are several cloud computing companies that offer free online trials of their Microsoft Office Suite products so that you can get a better picture of Onedo before purchasing it.

One of the best things about Onedo is that it can be used along with almost all the existing Microsoft Office apps, including excel, PowerPoint, Word, PowerPoint and so on. In fact, you can use Onedo along with these other apps, particularly when you want to create presentations and share them with your colleagues. However, Onedo does allow you to manipulate data much faster than Microsoft Office apps, especially when it comes to dragging and dropping data from one worksheet to another within a document. You can also edit the same worksheets, charts, images and videos in Onedo as you would in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, thereby giving you more freedom and control over your work.

Apart from this, Onedo also includes word preprocessor so that you can easily import files from MS Word and other common applications such as Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. The word preprocessor feature is helpful in writing simple but effective memos and letters. It also comes along with Microsoft’s Word Lens, which is an enhanced version of the famous Word macro or document. This lens allows you to capture a picture of any standard document or PowerPoint presentation and edit it using a variety of different tools, such as inserting graphics or changing the fonts and colors. However, the major drawback of Onedo as compared to Microsoft Office Suite is that it does not come included with Excel.

Microsoft’s Office Mobile is in fact, a cloud-based app, which means that your work is safe on the cloud even while you are on the go, thanks to the internet connection that the apps provide. Office Mobile is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. These apps are not only convenient and flexible, but are extremely easy to use and customize as well. Office Mobile allows you to sync your mail, contacts and calendar with the cloud, as well as managing several different versions of your files at the same time. On the other hand, Onedo allows you to access and edit your files from the cloud, where there is no additional software installed.

Mitchel Campbell